A brave woman who was tragically given only months to live following a shock cancer diagnosis has refused to give up hope and has "come out fighting", says her mum.

Amelia Page, 30, had returned home from Dubai, where she had been working for seven years as a teacher for children with autism, over Christmas when she received test results showing she had developed ovarian and stomach cancer.

This came after her symptoms had only begun to show three months earlier.

However, although most would crumble upon hearing this, mum Kerry told News Shopper her daughter is "taking control" of her condition and she has been "blown away by her tenacity and dedication" towards fighting the disease.

"Amelia has just pulled all the stops out with the amount of research she's done into her condition.

"She just fills me with incredulity because she's really taken this on the chin and got up fighting.

"She's not sitting in a corner gibbering, she's getting on with it and finding out what she needs to do next.

"With the diagnosis she's got she could have just given up, but she won't. We never give up in this family," she said.

Originally living in both Orpington and Swanley, attending The Leigh Academy before moving to Swansea as a teenager, Amelia has since moved home from Dubai with boyfriend Luke to be with her family throughout the treatment process.

"She has a triangle of support around her at all times between myself, Luke and her sister Lucy," said Kerry.

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"The Three Amigos" - Amelia (far right) with mum Kerry and sister Lucy (Far left)

Since returning home, Amelia has dedicated her time to researching alternative treatments and diets to help give her a fighting chance of survival, along with fundraising for expensive cancer treatment options and to help cover other costs the family currently face.

"She wants Avastin which is a medication which could have positive effects but it's not funded in the UK and with that you're talking around £23,000 for that.

"She's also is looking for a surgeon to perform the operation which she wants, which is have her stomach and her ovaries removed," said Kerry.

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Amelia Page

Kerry also explained that her heating bills have also shot up as Amelia has to avoid cold environments during her treatment, which has meant Kerry having to return to full-time work as she continues to care for her daughter.

While also working as a teacher in Dubai, Amelia dedicated her free time to running groups for kids with special needs, something mum Kerry said shows Amelia's selfless nature and her passion towards caring for others.

Kerry also explained that this comes from growing up helping her mother look after her two younger brothers, George and Sid, who were born with Fragile X syndrome.

At the time of writing, Amelia's GoFundMe page has received just shy of £50,000 worth of donations with the target amount now set for £75,000.