A Catford mum who felt "worthless" thanks to depression says she can hold her head high after publishing her second book.

Claudia Kelly still struggles with her mental health after being diagnosed with clinical depression and borderline personality disorder when she was 19.

She spoke to News Shopper last year about her past suicide attempts, and said writing Garnished With Words finally gave her a sense of worth.

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Volume two has now been released, another set of poetic stories about various raw subjects like anxiety, trafficking and murder.

"I can’t believe I have done it to be honest," Claudia said.

"Depression makes you feel so worthless, you feel absolutely nothing, but I can hold my head up again."

Claudia, who celebrates her 47th birthday this week, continues to "suffer badly" but acknowledged writing is her main escape.

She added: "It helps me block out what else is going on. I get a feeling of achievement from completing a story."

News Shopper:

The mum has lived in Catford for over 20 years and recalled a small number of residents stopping her in the street after the first edition was unveiled last summer.

"It was received really well, and people seemed to enjoy it. A few stopped and congratulated me.

"I am a bit shy, but the response has been good."

Claudia said she has enough material for six volumes of Garnished With Words, and dreams of one day seeing her work in Waterstones.

She said anxiety dragged her to the brink, but she feels “happy and proud” that her words have been read by various people.

"A lot of females read it in fairness," she said. "But there seemed to be a wide range, people from all walks of life.

"It is unbelievable because when you write, you never think anyone out there will read it. It is strange but nice all the same, especially after years of not doing anything."

You can buy Claudia’s latest book here.