More than 200 objections have been filed against controversial plans to cut a “historic” down tree on a Bromley estate.

Neighbours living in Trinity Village have been campaigning against recently emerged proposals to chop the huge oak in Mackintosh Road.

The tree – which neighbours say is 200 years old – is sentimental to residents living nearby, with hundreds writing to the council urging it to turn down the application.

The tree, which is protected by a Tree Preservation Order, is in a poor and dangerous condition, according to RMG – the company managing the estate.

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A Tree Preservation Order is an order made by a council to protect specific trees in the interests of amenity.

In a statement submitted to the council, RMG said: “The tree is in very poor condition with a hole in the bottom of the cavity at the base and the crown is in decline, and there are signs of fungus around the base.

“We feel the best option is to take the tree down as in another two years more work may be required. We feel this is the safest, and most cost effective thing to do.”

Devastated neighbours have tied bows around the tree and pinned letters to its trunk in support of keeping it standing.

At the time of writing 220 objections have been submitted to Bromley Council.

One neighbour wrote: “It would be so wrong to remove such a beautiful tree which is a part of Bromley’s history.”

Another said: “It would be an absolute sacrilege to cut down this tree.”

One mother living on the estate, who asked not to be named, said the level of opposition showed how much the village cared for the local landmark.

She said: “There has been a good community response. It is a beautiful tree – we think it is about 200 years old. It’s been here before the village was here.

“People in the area have very busy lives, and it can seem like we don’t care – the fact people and children are horrified that they might be this callous against an important part of where we live shows that people can come together.”

Bromley Council will decide in the coming weeks whether RMG can fell the tree.