People had to say a sad goodbye to a popular cafe and bar at the weekend after it was revealed the building had been sold.

Residents are currently unsure what will take over the quirky Jam Circus' space, but they are hoping it doesn't change too dramatically.

Jam had everything from copious amounts of gin and weekly pub quizzes to Friday night boogies and even a soft play area for those parents that still wanted to pop down the pub.

Situated just opposite Crofton Park station, Jam became a staple for residents and Goldsmiths students alike.

However, the time has come and the building has been sold.

Jam had been in Brockley since 2005 when it took over from The Alpha Club.

After a fire ripped through the kitchen in 2012, the pub underwent a massive refurbishment.

A spokesman from current owner Antic London told News Shopper: "It is indeed sad after so many years, however it felt like it was time to hand over the reins to another and put our focus into more traditional wet-led public houses rather than neighbourhood café/bars such as Jam.

"I have no doubt the new operator will continue what we began, whilst bringing new ideas to the fore to deliver an improved JC for Crofton Park.

"We wish them the very best of luck and are grateful to all our patrons who made Jam the Circus of fun we had intended."

People have taken to social media to express their sadness over the closing of Jam.

A lot have said Jam gave them their first open-mic spot, their first boyfriend and their first time winning any form of pub quiz (first prize was enough to get sozzled on).

Brockley resident Heather Harvey told News Shopper: "I loved it - it was local, it felt welcoming and safe to everyone. I went with friends sometimes but I also went on my own and took the papers at weekends and felt very at ease.

"I loved that families and couples went there and played board games, there was sometimes live music. When it was the local Brockfest or whatever, they always participated and it was good to be supporting an independent outfit. Very sorry to lose it.

"I have lived here for eight or nine years now and when I put in an offer on my house round the corner I came here to have a celebratory drink and phone friends/family to tell them I'd bought my flat. Having a nice bar like that locally was part of what made it feel a safe and community-based place to live."

It has not yet been confirmed who will be taking over Jam Circus and what the future has in store for it.

Meanwhile, as one pub closes another boozer is set for a brand new look and lease of life in the borough.

News Shopper:

Once known as the Black Horse and Harrow, one of the oldest pubs in Lewisham has been completely refurbished and renamed - Ninth Life.

It will be opening on February 7 and will provide a multi-level pub, a food market and a nine-room immersive theatre experience and full festival vibes.

Pub-goers can expect drinks and food, live art projects and live music, film screenings, games nights and drag-queen bingo as well as daytime showcases from youth groups, graffiti festivals, spoken word and art exhibitions.

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