The best performing primary schools in Lewisham have been revealed.

Topping the table is Brindishe Lee School, with 97 percent of students meeting the expected standard.

Pupils are meeting the expected standard if they achieve a scaled score of 100 or more in their reading and maths tests, and their teacher assesses them as 'working at the expected standard' or better in writing.

It is based on a series of national curriculum tests at the end of Key Stage 2, which take place for mathematics, English reading and English grammar, punctuation and spelling.

A student's raw score is then scaled because despite tests being developed each year to the same specification, the questions are different, and the difficulty of tests may vary.

Once a score is scaled it will fall somewhere in between 80 (the lowest score) and 120 (the highest score).

The Government has now published the results, ranking schools by the percentage of pupils meeting the expected standard.

Here's the top 20:

1. Brindishe Lee School – 97 percent

2. Brindishe Manor School – 89 percent

3. St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School – 87 percent

4. Eliot Bank Primary School – 86 percent

5. St Margaret’s Lee CofE Primary School 86 percent

6. St Saviour’s Catholic Primary School 86 percent

7. Rathfern Primary School 85 percent

8. St Batholomews’s Church of England Primary School 85 percent

9. St Winifred’s RC Primary School 85 percent

10. St James’s Hatcham Church of England Primary School 84 percent

11. St Mary Magdalen’s Catholic Primary School – 84 percent

12. St William of York Catholic Primary School 84 percent

13. All Saints’ Church of England Primary School – 82 percent

14. Brindishe Green School 82 percent

15. Horniman Primary School – 82 percent

16. John Stainer Community Primary School - 82 percent

17. Perrymount Primary School – 81 percent

18. Fairlawn Primary School – 78 percent

19. Kelvin Grove Primary School – 78 percent

20. John Ball Primary School 77 percent