Bexley police responded to more than 20 burglaries and attempted burglaries across the borough in the past week.

According to officers' updates in the latest Bexley Borough Neighbourhood Watch Update, a number of wards were targeted by burglars looking to pinch valuables, with one Sidcup street experiencing three attempts in one night.

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However, Sergeant Bryan Young, of Bexley police, has assured residents that neighbourhood units have been working pro-actively to help protect homes by promoting the MetTrace project, which encourages people to request SmartWater property marking kits.

These kits allow you to tag your valuables with a fluid which only shows up under UV light with each bottle of the liquid stamped with a unique ID code for reference.

We have pinpointed the roads which were targeted in the last week.

Below is a map and a timeline of reports made to police from across Bexley.

Jan 3-4 – Maylands Drive, Sidcup: A number of Christmas presents were stolen as the property had been flooded over the Christmas period.

Jan 3-10 – Ellison Road, Sidcup: Two bikes and gardens tools were stolen from a garden shed.

Jan 5 – Burnt Oak Lane, Sidcup: Suspects disturbed by occupier attempting to force the front door open.

Jan 8-9 – Browning Close, Welling: A suspect, believed to be a female, was seen to walk past the victims front room window then run off and upon inspection the victims bin had been stood on and broken.

Jan 9 – Northcote Road, Sidcup: Suspect(s) broke into the property through the rear glass patio doors which were smashed in order to gain entry. Untidy search has resulted in the occupants not knowing exactly what has been stolen as yet.

Jan 9 – Chester Road, Sidcup: Attempted burglary as the homeowner witnessed some try to access their garage.

Jan 9 – Ellison Road, Sidcup: The owner believes that they disturbed them and the suspect(s) gained entry after breaking a window.

Jan 10 – Tudor Walk, Bexleyheath: Side window was smashed and the suspect was disturbed.

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Jan 10 – Halfway Street, Sidcup: The suspect(s) broke into the property through the rear patio doors, taking a personal safe and keys to the owners care. This car was later recovered.

Jan 10 – Westmoreland Avenue, Welling: Suspects entered the property by forcing open a kitchen window before completing an untidy search resulting in cash being taken.

Jan 11 – Etfield Grove, Sidcup: Owners left the house to do some shopping. When they came home they discovered that their front window was smashed, although nothing was taken.

Jan 12 – Rochester Drive, Bexleyheath: Attempted burglary as suspect tried to gain access to property by attacking lock.

Jan 12 – Basilon Road, Bexleyheath: Entry gained through unknown means and Jewellery stolen from the bedroom.

Jan 13 – North Street, Bexleyheath: Garage was broken into and items taken as well as motorbikes.

Jan 13 – Parkway, Thamesmead: Two males have presented themselves as plain clothes police officers to gain access into the property before taking a number of items.

Jan 13-14 – Stafford Road, Sidcup: Owners went to bed and woken up to realise mobile phones, handbags and other items had been stolen, realising the front lock had been forced open.

Jan 14 – York Avenue, Sidcup: Suspects threw a brick through the glass panel on the back door and made entry. Polish currency stolen.

Jan 14 – York Avenue, Sidcup: Homeowner was heard shouting at three unknown males who attempted to break into his property. Suspects had screw drivers and had broken into the neighbour's property also

Jan 14 – York Avenue, Sidcup: Owner opened the door to see three suspects outside of his home. The suspects then made off in a white vehicle that was parked in Gloucester Avenue.

Jan 14 – Burnt Oak Lane, Sidcup: Suspects gained entry through back patio door which had been smashed. Not known at this time what has been stolen.

Jan 14 – Camden Road, Crayford: Property under renovation which was then entered by an unknown person and a quantity of tools stolen.

Jan 14 – Long Lane, Bexleyheath: Property was entered through the kitchen door.

Jan 16 – Slade Green Road, Slade Green: Three men in balaclavas and with a large knife forced entry into an address and demanded that something was handed over. The "something" was unknown to the scared victims and after a quick search the suspects fled into Rainbow Road.