A deaf girl from Chislehurst has beaten the odds to win a place on the British gymnastics squad aged just 10.

Sophia Eisenhuth was born profoundly deaf and fitted with a cochlear implant at seven months old.

The inspirational schoolgirl, who says she “has never known what it was like not to be able to hear”, auditioned for the British Gymnastics Foundation tumbling squad last year.

Just days before Christmas she received a letter telling her she had been accepted and would attend training camps this year.

Her mum Becky said: “This is exceptional for any 10-year-old, let alone one with a cochlear implant. We are all so proud and Sophia was so excited when she found out that she cried.”

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The young gymnast has also defied the odds and excelled in modern dance despite fears her hearing loss would affect her musicality.

Last year, she bagged a haul of awards including two first place medals and a trophy for most promising junior dancer at competition in Jersey.

Becky added: “I was so proud and her musicality was spot-on. In her last set of dance exams she got 10/10 for her musicality and timing, it’s always the first section I check.”

Sophia added: “I think everyone should have fun and do what they want to do and a cochlear implant shouldn’t stand in their way.”

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Sophia can listen and speak at the same level as her hearing peers thanks to specialist therapy at charity Auditory Verbal UK.

She and her family spent two years on the programme with the charity which works with pre-school aged deaf children and babies with hearing aids or cochlear implants to enable them to have the same opportunities in life as typically hearing children.

Becky said: “As a family we are truly grateful for all Auditory Verbal UK did to help Sophia and I’m sure she wouldn’t be on this path if it wasn’t for all your hard work and dedication alongside your belief that these children should not be limited.”