A mum from Plumstead has voiced her fury after a man offered her 11-year-old autistic son weed on his way home.

Yesterday afternoon (January 16) around 3.30pm, Emma Dalmayne, her six-year-old daughter and her son Damien were walking down Powis Street in Woolwich.

Emma told News Shopper: "We had just left soft play so Damien was very happy and were looking in a few of the shops when it started to rain.

"We were walking past CEX when my son told me a man sitting on the floor with a rucksack had asked him something. He might have been homeless but it was hard to tell."

Emma called back to the man that he shouldn't be asking 11-year-olds for money, however Damien then informed his mother that the man had offered him weed.

She continued: "I called back that my son was 11 and why was he offering a young boy weed, and the man replied that he did offer but at least he hadn't asked him for any money."

Emma has been home-educating for five years, she has six children and five are on the spectrum, along with herself.

She also runs a support service called Autistic Inclusive Meets (AIM) which enables families with autistic children to get out into the community and socialise.

The group, which is based in Woolwich, is run by a specialist team and organises monthly meet-up and trips out.

Emma said: "I called the police because I didn't want this to happen to another child.

"Damien was very distressed at this man approaching him, and it was after school time in broad daylight.

"What if it was an autistic child who hadn't been home-educated and all alone? Any child for that matter. Who knows what would have happened."

The Met Police confirmed they received a call but when they went to investigate but could not find the man.