Angry residents in Stone have expressed concern about a trailer filled with rubbish that's been left dumped in a street since September.

The trailer, which was left abandoned in London Road, has left nearby residents furious with a number of them posting their concerns on social media.

In a post left on a Facebook group for the area, one resident commented she was told it was going to be removed before Christmas, describing it as "an eyesore to all those who have to look at it on a daily basis."

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Another user commented that she lives across from where the trailer was dumped and that "it's been set alight twice", raising concerns it could cause an accident.

Local resident Rachael Martin-Smith said she walks past this "monstrosity" every day and believes it just adds to increasing levels of fly-tipping in the area.

"I am sure additional rubbish has been added over the past four months, and it makes me feel like Stone is seen as a dumping ground.

"Instances of fly-tipping have increased in this neighbourhood. I have personally worked hard to have bulky household waste removed from my own estate.

"Leaving this trailer languishing for over four months sends the wrong message that fly-tipping in Stone is ok, and that Stone residents are not worthy of immediate action to secure its removal," she said.

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A Dartford Council spokesman explained a lack of equipment was the cause for a delay in the removal of the trailer.

"We are aware of the trailer of rubbish dumped in London Road. This is land owned by KCC (Kent County Council) highways but we have been working with them because we are very keen to see this eyesore removed.

"The large flat-backed trailer is overloaded with heavy wooden boards which require heavy-duty machinery to remove.

"Unfortunately the trailer is not roadworthy so it is not possible to simply tow it away, but arrangements have been made for it to be either lifted onto a transporter or dismantled on site and removed.

"The contractor was unable to complete the job, which has caused a frustrating delay in removal," he said.

It is believed the trailer is set to be removed in the coming weeks.