If you ain't afraid of no ghosts then there is a mansion in Charlton that is hosting some very spooky events.

Charlton House is known for it ghostly happenings and dates back all the way to 1607 during the reign of King James I.

The Grey Lady is regularly spotted wandering the grounds and visitors have reported doorknobs rattling and oppressive feelings in the cellar.

A series of night-time ghost-hunting events are coming up so you can get the full experience if you're brave enough.

The evening will give you the chance to try out ouija boards and take part in different rituals and seances right the way through the night.

The house and grounds were used in the First World War as a hospital, and it then was bombed during the Blitz, however it was re-built and remains a vital part of Greenwich.

If you are expecting history walks and ghost stories then you may want to keep looking, but if you are looking for evidence there is some form of life after death then this is for you.

Experiments including glass divination and table-tilting and the use of ghost-hunting equipment.

There is certainly a lot of history and a lot of stories contained in the walls of Charlton House, so you are guaranteed shivers up your spine.

The first event is on January 26 and tickets start at £49

Events on January 26 and March 30 will be run by Ghost Hunt Events. Click here for tickets.

And events on February 2, April 16 and June 29 will be run by Haunted Happenings. Click here for tickets.