The mum of a 13-year-old boy who was mugged minutes from his home in Telegraph Hill has said her son has been offered counselling.

The boy was walking home from school yesterday (January 9) and was at the top of Gibbon Road near Nunhead station when two thugs approached him.

"One had a push bike and cut him off," the mum, who didn’t want her son to be identified, said.

She added: "They cornered him against a brick wall and frisked him. They found his phone and air pods.

"He started crying when that was happening, and they threatened him. They said if he cried, they will smash his face in, something to that effect."

The mum said the culprits, who looked to be around 18, "fist-bumped" her boy and laughed after snatching his belongings.

She believes her son will be fine, but said the incident has made him fearful, and the school he attends has offered counselling.

More muggings are happening in the area, according to the mum, who said the robbers know which streets have cameras.

She added: "We have such inequality in society. I’m conscious that kids have a lot of problems going against them.

"I am worried that my son might grow up as a teenager who is frightened."

Police were contacted about the mugging and will visit the boy to chat and reassure him of his safety.