Two men will spend years in prison after a "frightening" armed robbery.

The pair targeted a newsagents in Hooley, Surrey, on April 27 last year when they threatened the owner with guns.

Anthony Fullerton, 56, from Lewisham, and Amir-Hippolyte-Wells, 27, from Sydenham, entered the shop just before closing.

Detective Rachael Clifford said: "The sentencing of Fullerton and Hippolyte-Wells is as a result of our investigation which has ensured these two men have been brought to justice.

"This was a frightening ordeal for the shop owner. The two men threatened him with guns demanding money from the till.

"Thankfully the victim was left uninjured, but was obviously left very shaken by what happened."

Fullerton was sentenced to 10 years and two months in prison and Hippolyte-Wells was sentenced to four years and four months after appearing at Guildford Crown Court on Monday (January 7).

A third man was found not guilty.