A bus route blasted last year for being “not fit for purpose” continues to be one of the worst services in Bexley, new data has revealed.

The B14 was highlighted in October by councillors who claimed it was keeping passengers waiting much longer than other buses.

Services run from Bexleyheath Clock Tower to Orpington every half hour, but according to councillors it is causing commuters travel nightmares.

TfL confirmed last year it was reviewing the number of buses on the route after councillors June Slaughter and Richard Diment called for improvement.

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However, a new report reveals the B14 continues to be one of the worst routes of its type, departing late 23 per cent of the time.

Commuters using the service have had to wait up to 15 minutes nearly quarter of the time, much longer than other buses, according to figures from the last quarter.

This is far behind the next worst route – the B12 – which leaves passengers waiting that long 14 per cent of the time.

Cllr Diment said it is still causing problems for elderly people in a part of the ward, the Royal Park area, where it is the only public transport available.

“I appreciate there isn’t an easy answer but it is an area with lower than average car ownership, elderly people rely on it for doctors and shopping, and there is only one every half hour – if you have to wait for a late-running one it’s really not pleasant,” the Sidcup councillor said.

“TfL admit they have a real problem with the service – it is by far the least reliable service across the borough. One in three doesn’t arrive within 10 minutes and it’s often much worse.

“The latest figures show a deterioration from the last quarter – it’s just not delivering the quality of service. It is shambolic.”


The new councillor, elected last year, called on TfL to look into the matter last year – but admitted adding another bus would be an expensive fix.

Transport for London’s Gary Nolan said at a meeting in October the body was aware of the route’s problems.

“There is an issue with cost – we are operating without a government grant so we don’t have a lot of spare cash to play with these things,” Mr Nolan said.

Mr Nolan said the number of buses on the route was being reviewed with the operator Stagecoach.

“We are working out if there are any other measures we can put in place to improve frequency. We are trying to do the best we can to get the reliability up.”

The latest figures will be discussed at a meeting next Wednesday, January 16.