A mum says she is reaching breaking point after being made homeless by a taxi crashing into her house.

Suzan Hassan, 36, had just finished the dishes on the evening of December 22 when she heard a loud bang inside her Bellingham home of 14 years.

"I thought it was an earthquake at first," Suzan, who lived in Pool Court, told News Shopper.

"The whole house shook, and the sink came off and hit me in the stomach. The wall collapsed, and I was thrown into the fridge freezer."

The mum said she was grateful her two kids, Yasemin, 11, and Tyla, six, were away at the time.

After battling the rubble, and holding on to a ceiling which was crumbling, Suzan realised a taxi had smashed into her house.

She added: "I heard the screams of my neighbours asking could I come out because the gas might blow. I was panicking and didn’t know what to do.

"I am lucky I survived."


Suzan was eventually rescued by the London Fire Brigade, but she said her real nightmare started that night.

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The home has been declared structurally unsafe, and Suzan has been told not to return.

London and Quadrant Housing Association booked her into Bromley Travelodge, where she stayed for three nights before being homeless for Christmas.

"On Christmas Day we went to my mum’s house," Suzan said.

"Other than that, I was sleeping in the car with my children and it was horrible. All the presents were in that house, I had put so much money into it and it’s all destroyed."

Suzan and her family briefly moved into one bedroom at a hotel in Sidcup but went back to the car after she said fighting there made them feel unsafe.

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The mum, who is a personal trainer and a carer for the disabled, described her kids being malnourished after living off takeaway food for weeks.

They have also been unable to go back to school and Suzan has been forced to stay away from work.

She added: "I have always paid my rent, and I just want this situation to end. My children have suffered so much.

"They didn’t even have a present to open. I’m at a point where I am just fed up of it all."

It is understood the driver of the taxi lost control and accelerated into the home by accident.

A spokeswoman for L&Q said: “We have provided hotel accommodation for Miss Hassan ever since December 22, with the exception of three days over Christmas as she advised that she would be staying with her family during this time.

"We were not aware of any concerns with the hotel accommodation we had arranged until December 31.

“Following an extensive search, we have now found a furnished, three-bedroomed property that the family plans to move into on January 11 while we continue to look for a permanent home that meets their needs.

“We have also arranged a supervised visit to Miss Hassan’s home in Pool Court to collect her belongings this morning, and remain in regular contact with her to ensure that she continues to be supported at this difficult time.”