Drivers fear having to leave their jobs or give up their cars when a tough new charge affecting Greenwich comes in.

Motorists are being urged to check their vehicles' compliance ahead of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) taking effect in the central London congestion charge zone from April 8.

The ULEZ will replace the current toxicity charge, and vehicles will need to meet tighter exhaust emission standards.

Drivers of vehicles outside the limits will pay a daily charge of £12.50 for cars, vans and motorcycles or £100 for busses, coaches and lorries to travel within the zone.

The new charges have been brought in to lower emissions and fight the capital's pollution issues.

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Last year Mayor of London Sadiq Khan confirmed the expansion of the ULEZ to the North and South Circular roads from October 2021, with the new ULEZ covering an area 18 times larger than the central London zone.

However, the extension cuts Greenwich in half, so if you are within the South Circular boundary you will be charged but anything outside won't be charged. You will not be charged to drive on the South Circular.

Places like Eltham and Woolwich are also split so to drive from one side to the other you will have to pay the charge.

The Mayor and Transport for London have heralded the benefits the expanded ULEZ will have, with TfL's director of transport strategy Lilli Matson saying: “London’s toxic air is a public health crisis, and expanding the Ultra-Low Emission Zone is a crucial measure. We estimate that expanding the ULEZ will reduce road transport NOx emissions by a further 28 per cent across London, so this expansion is a huge step towards protecting the health of all Londoners.”

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But some Greenwich residents have been voicing concerns.

Lawrence O'Connell, of Elderslie Road in Eltham, said: "It will not currently have a large effect on my job as I work in central London as a nurse.

"However many of my friends who are also nurses are going to be affected by this change, especially those working shifts. I previously worked at Kings College Hospital and without my car if I had to pay £12.50 a day I would not be able to get into work on weekends or public holidays.

"The public transport infrastructure in south-east London is not connected enough to cater for shift workers. My partner also works unsocial hours meaning that sometimes I have to collect him from North Greenwich station to avoid an even longer journey home after long shifts. Under the ULEZ I wouldn’t be able to do that, adding an even greater amount of time to his journey waiting for night busses.

"I won't stop driving but I will have to change my car. I'm 24 and trying to save for a house. London is already expensive to rent and live in, and now this is an extra cost."

Kara Berry said: "As a carer in the Greenwich borough this charge has angered me. I use my car to travel between calls to attend the elderly, vulnerable and on occasions end-of-life service users.

"This charge would leave service users without the care and attention they need because being a care worker I simply wouldn't be able to afford the charge like many others.

"It saddens me to think that I may have to leave a job that I'm passionate about."

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Wendy Power said: "I live in Mottingham and work just inside the new proposed zone. It will cost me £62.50 per week to get to work.

"I have been speaking to others with regards to the proposed zone and the feedback I have had is very negative to the point where some people will have to give up their job."

The Mayor has confirmed the new boundaries will expand on October 25, 2021, but it is not known if residents in Greenwich will get some form of dispensation when travelling from one side of the borough to the other.