A mum from Eltham has published a children's book to promote positive self-image in young black children.

Mariam James, 26, has written the book We Are All Special, a short story about a young boy going through a journey of discovering what sets him apart from others.

The mother-of-two said: "“My son loves to read and enjoys when I tell him stories, so this particular piece is a tribute to him.

"I also wanted to write a book with illustrations that resemble my kids so that as they read through, they see themselves and relate to the story being told.”

This is the first of many short stories from Mariam and she hope to include a wider representation of ethnicities in her upcoming books, to encourage children from all backgrounds.

She continued: “From a young age, children need to know and see that they are special and unique in every way.

"As a parent it’s our duty to use words of affirmation and continually promote positive self-image and I hope this book inspires others to do the same.”

Mariam will be hosting a book launch on January 12 at Under 1 Roof in Woolwich.