A Beckenham family desperately need your help to allow a two-year-old boy to walk for the first time.

Henry was born 13 weeks early and diagnosed with cerebral palsy after his first birthday.

His mum Katie Cox said her son does not have the ability to move like other children, and needs constant attention and help to move positions.

The family endured a "horrific" time when Henry was born, after an ominous meeting with a consultant.

Katie told News Shopper: "We were told his outcome was bleak.

"They didn’t know what it was and we were told he could be in a wheelchair, or could be blind or deaf and nobody could tell us what the future held."

However, the mum is proud of how far Henry has come, and says he is developing well apart from his severely affected mobility.

"We came from such a dark place," she said. "He is the happiest child you could meet. He never stops laughing, he doesn’t let this faze him. Everyone who meets him wants to help and they say his smile is infectious.

"He is so engaging with people."

The life-changing surgery is called selective dorsal rhizotomy and is available in America, with costs totalling an overwhelming £80,000.

You can support Henry and help him have a chance at walking by donating to his fundraising page here.

The procedure doesn’t cure cerebral palsy, but has a high success rate to improve quality of life by reducing spasticity in the lower limbs to allow greater mobility and confidence.

Henry’s mum said she just wants her boy to have the "chance to live a better life".

A leading surgeon has accepted Henry to have the surgery in America in 2020, giving the family one year to raise the money.

"This would fund his operation and post-operation therapy, which is quite intense," Katie said.

More than £3,800 has been raised since the JustGiving page was set up three weeks ago.

Dozens of people have signed up for a skydive in April to help Henry, with plenty more events planned this year.