Dartford Council leader Jeremy Kite has issued a stern warning to fly-tippers after a large pile of rubbish appeared in Bob Dunn Way.

Branding the amount of rubbish left on the site as being "on an industrial scale", Councillor Kite explained that fly-tipping tends to occur on these roads due to their location close to the M25.

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"Because of the M25, a lot of dishonest firms drive around and on the first chance they come off it, they just tip their rubbish," he said.

The rubbish was spotted by local resident and Labour candidate for Burnham, Joe Yusuf, who described the sight as "an eyesore".


"It's been growing for the past couple of weeks," he said.

Mr Yusuf, of Burnham Road, said he has reported the matter to the council as he claims it creates a "bad image for people visiting Dartford".

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Cllr Kite also said that this is an ongoing issue facing the borough but said he is confident the council's effort to prosecute fly-tippers will continue to yield results this year.

"All we can really do is we prosecute them when we catch them.

"Dartford Council has an excellent track record of catching fly-tippers and we are hoping to get our first custodial sentence for fly-tipping this year," he said.

According to the council's website, fly-tipping is illegal under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and fines issued can be unlimited.