Have you ever wanted to just take your trousers off on the Tube and continue about your business? Well then we have an event for you.

No Trousers Tube Ride does exactly what it says on the tin and this year it's is celebrating its 10 year anniversary

Originally starting in New York, the event page on Facebook says it is purely for fun. Last year more than 300 people joined the no-trouser crew.

The event with take place in London on January 13 along with other cities around the world. There will even be an after-party to celebrate.

There are some rules though:

Do not join in if you are not willing to drop your trousers.

You must keep a straight face.

If you are going to take any photos you must be very discreet. The point is to make it seem normal to those who choose to keep their trousers on.

How will the day look?

Everyone will be assembling in front of the National Gallery on January 13 at 2.30pm. You will then be given a Troop leader.

Troops travel the Underground, spread through different carriages of the same train, following safety advices of Troop Leaders, popping above ground to take photographs is fine, please do not take photographs of anybody unwilling mind, afore returning to The Chandos pub for the after-party.

What should I bring?

You should bring a backpack and an Oyster card/travelcard.

You should wear normal winter clothes (hat, gloves, etc).

No inappropriate underwear, no thongs and no mankinis - you don’t want to scare people. The aim is to make them laugh not to offend the PC brigade.

This is a safe and fun event so please don’t join in if you’re just going to be inappropriate.

Have fun taking your trousers off!

Send us your photos on the day to either emily.hennings@newsquest.co.uk or use the link below.