Bexley Council has issued a warning to fly-tippers after a disgraceful display of post-Christmas dumping was seen in Erith High Street on New Year's Day.

Adam Cox, 25, who lives near the High Street, snapped a picture of the overflowing bins claiming there is a need for larger bins to replace the current ones.

"As a local resident, this is a disappointing sight when arriving and leaving my flat or being in the local area.

"What is most disappointing is that I think it speaks to the fact that residents want to be proactive and recycle, but the council is not supporting this appropriately," he said.

Mr Cox said he had previously read a report by News Shopper back in May about binmen being filmed struggling to empty the same set of bins but thought it was just a one-off occurrence.

"However, over time it has become clear that the rubbish collect here and in the wider Erith is simply not up to scratch.

"I want to recycle and dispose of rubbish correctly. I am not going to leave it in the street though," he said.

When approached for comment, a spokeswoman for the council explained this is not a regular occurrence but most likely due to people generating more waste over the festive period.

"Rubbish should not just be dumped by the side of recycling banks or litter bins if they are full but should either be taken to another mini recycling bank or bin or to one of the reuse and recycling centres at Thames Road or Foots Cray.

"Rubbish dumped by the side of already full bins in this way is fly-tipping. This will be investigated by our officers as a criminal offence and the site will be cleared," she said.

Fly-tippers can be fined up to £400 per offence.