Make-up students from North Kent College were given a chance to showcase their skills as they helped recreate realistic looking traffic incidents for an emergency services training session.

Pupils of the Miskin Make-up course were invited to paint cuts, bruises and other injuries on actors as they recreated scenarios for blue-light services as they took place in a road traffic collision course in Kent.

On arrival, they were then also given the chance to play the roles of the victims in the portrayed accidents.

Student Alex Gent described the experience as a "fascinating challenge."

"Working under time pressure and with such an exacting audience was a great test of our skills. After all who knows injuries better than the emergency services?"

Emergency medical response training manger at Kent Fire and Rescue Service, Matt Baker said: “This joint exercise planned by KFRS, involving air ambulance, police medics, armed forces and fire crews from both Dartford and Tonbridge has been a great success.

"On a community level, involving the students and the skills they have learnt at NKC has a made a big difference to the training, as it gives a level or realism, allowing the crews to treat them as real casualties to prepare them.

"The students have demonstrated some excellent work, and been 100 per cent involved, even acting as casualties themselves. They were very professional throughout.”

The hands-on experience was organised for the students by their lecturer, Chloe Hsiao, who believed that this would make for an ideal opportunity for those who wish to take their skills to the next level.

"It was very much like working in the situation of road traffic collision in a TV/film setting.

"Our learners thrive to take on challenges, their work was outstanding, and our teaching team are very proud of them," she said.