A WOMAN who survived a plane crash in Venezuela has had a 'miraculous' escape, says her brother.

Alison Giles, of Hawkwood Lane, Chislehurst, survived the four-seater Cessna plane crash, along with her boyfriend, Anthony Bartolo, on Monday morning (October 1).

The pair, who had just got engaged, were flying to Angel Falls, the world's highest freshwater waterfall in Bolivar State, when their plane got into trouble.

Simon Giles, who lives in Spain, heard about his 25-year-old sister's escape last night.

Mr Giles said: "We got an email from her asking her to phone us as she had something to tell us.

"And that was the first we heard about the crash.

"She told us the plane had only been in the air for three minutes when it experienced engine failure and just lost power.

"She remembered the pilot pointing down but didn't understand what he meant.

"He obviously was trying to say they were about to make an emergency landing.

"She then recalled hitting the reeds and being in the swamp.

"The next thing she knew her boyfriend was waking her up."

Miss Giles, who attended Holy Trinity College, in Plaistow Lane, Bromley, escaped the crash with just a broken arm.

Her fiancé, Mr Bartolo, aged 34, experienced cuts to his foot, and the pilot and remaining passenger also escaped with just cuts and bruises.

Mr Giles said: "We are very glad she got away with it, it's miraculous.

"It was a big shock but both me and our parents are so relieved she is safe.

"She seems chirpy, in fact both her and Anthony seem very high on adrenaline."

He added: "They are both just so lucky. Apparently the pilot had remembered something similar happening a few years ago but the pilot in that situation had tried to guide the plane back to the air strip.

"He didn't make it, and he and all the crew lost their lives.

"Thank God this one managed to negotiate the plane into the swamp."

Mr Giles, who is a mortgage broker, became a father this year, to baby Freddie, who was born 15 weeks early.

The 29-year-old added: "Freddie has survived against all odds too; we seem to have been a very lucky family this year.

"It makes you very grateful to live each day, doesn't it? We are obviously some of the luckier ones."

Miss Giles, who has been touring south America for several months is now due to fly back to England and is planning to set up a restaurant in Chislehurst with her partner.