The devastated mum of a newborn baby says she has lost everything she owns after her flat was gutted by a fire.

Alice Powell, 27, heard her sister scream "fire" at their 12th floor flat in Kale Road, Erith, early on Sunday (December 23) morning.

Her sister was staying with her seven children and Alice was feeding her nine-week-old baby when the fire started.

"We grabbed every child we could and left the flat," the distraught mum told News Shopper.

Alice, who also has a three-year-old, is now staying with her sister and the nine kids in a one-bedroomed Travelodge hotel in Bexleyheath.

They will be forced to live in the cramped conditions until December 27.

The mum added: "Literally everything was destroyed. Firefighters salvaged one set of clothes per child from a washing basket.

"All my paperwork and all my baby birth documents are gone. My kids are devastated. They think Santa won’t know where they are.

"What am I going to say to them tomorrow when they wake up? There is nothing, all their presents are gone."

Alice, who has lived in the flat for two years, started a fundraiser, which she says she was embarrassed to do, so she can buy the kids a Christmas present.

She has appealed for clothes, shoes and anything she can give to the children who have been left with nothing.

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After visiting the flat with firefighters, Alice "burst into tears" as the reality of the situation hit.

The family will not be allowed to move back into the flat, according to Alice who said it was badly damaged.

Firefighters say items placed on a hob caused the fire.

Another GoFundMe page has also been set up to help the family.

UPDATE - Donations are being collected today at  DA18 4BD Dexter House from 1pm-3pm.