A Chelsfield pensioner says he has "no security" living beside a home which has been left vacant for 18 months, describing it as a "bloody eyesore".

Alec Matthews, 81, who has been living in Windsor Drive for 50 years, told News Shopper that housing association Clarion (formerly Affinity) boarded up the property after a squatter previously moved in.

The squatter had allegedly not been taking care of the property and was even seen urinating on the side of the building.

According to retired scaffolder Mr Matthews, the house has been empty since summer 2017 when he says the previous tenants had only lived there for a month before packing up and moving on.

He also said that as his other neighbours are deaf, he feels he has nobody to depend on and protect his property when he needs to leave his house for a period of time.


"I've nobody to tell I'm going on holiday soon so that they can keep an eye on the place. I do not feel secure.

"Hopefully somebody will take it," he said.

When contacted to see what the current situation is with the property, a spokeswoman for Clarion Housing said that although this house is available as part of its affordable rent scheme, it is taking a considerable time to find a new tenant.

"It has taken longer than usual to rent this property as we have not seen very much interest from those who meet the criteria. We are progressing with a provisional offer recently made to an applicant," she said.

She also said the company is considering other options to make sure it's occupied as soon as possible.


However, Mr Matthews says metal panels covering the doors and windows will not help get it let anytime soon.

He said: "Why would you leave the bloody things on when you're trying to lease it?

"It's not in a condition for somebody to take on. It would be better looked after if somebody was living there."

He also said that in the midst of a housing shortage, there should be "no excuse" for the house to be vacant for that long.