Introducing a blanket 20mph speed limit in Bromley has been ruled out by a top councillor.

A resident this week called on the council to bring in a borough-wide speed limit to make roads safer for all users.

Recent reports claim little evidence exists supporting 20mph speed limits, but there is a growing number of authorities which are implementing them to try and reduce road causalities.

Councils such as Bristol, Brighton and Manchester have all adopted the policies, but there has been mixed feedback on its success.

Byrom Mark Lees pressed the environment councillor William Huntington-Thresher about what he claimed were dangerous roads throughout Bromley.

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Mr Lees said: “When are Bromley Council going to recognise that roads are not simply about getting motorised vehicles from A to B as quickly as possible, but are byways for everyone to feel confident that they can traverse safely in a variety of ways?

“Will Bromley consider imposing a default speed limit of 20mph across the borough?”

London Mayor Sadiq Khan pledged earlier this year to bring speeds down in some key areas of the capital as part of a plan to eliminate deaths and serious injuries on the capital’s roads by 2020.

Around nine miles of roads in the centre of London will be cut to 20mph in the next two years, including Victoria Embankment and Tower Hill.

During a recent study, just 51 per cent of drivers were found to reduce their speed following blanket speed limits.

Cllr Huntington-Thresher said the council has its own transport plan which is currently being consulted on – but a  blanket 20mph limits was not on the agenda.

He said: “Bromley has always recognised the importance of catering for all road users.

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“Safety is paramount and as such the council has invested heavily for many years in road safety, both in terms of education and road safety schemes.

“In respect to the widespread use of 20mph, recently published research suggests little evidence for limits but there is research suggesting that drivers respond well to advice and restrictions when they can see the reasons for what they are being asked to do.

“Bromley will continue to implement limits in locations where road safety benefits can be expected, such as near schools.

“We encourage all road users to respect other road users. We will base our opinions on facts, with the slight restraints that our plan does need to be in accordance with the Mayor’s transport strategy.”

“We will focus as we always have done on spending money the most effectively, to save the most lives on our roads”, the councillor finished.

Earlier this year more than 500 people signed a “20 is plenty” petition calling for lower limits in the borough.

The council’s own transport plan is currently out for consultation.