A beloved cat has been reunited with his "amazed" family after being missing for two months.

Two-year-old Taco escaped from Oakley Hotel for Cats in early October as his owners enjoyed their first holiday in two years.

Erik Gerstenmaier, 38, said his life "turned upside down" when he returned to Bromley Common with his wife and baby to learn of Taco’s disappearance.

The worried dad hired pet detectives to help find Taco and a 24-hour-hotline was set up to bolster the investigation.

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Taco finally came home last week after Erik’s wife received a call from a woman in Keston who had been feeding him for weeks.

The woman called the owners after spotting Taco’s collar.

"It was 63 days," Erik told News Shopper. "I am still slightly amazed he was found like this.

"My wife phoned me in work and my mouth fell open. We were extremely relieved."

Taco has lost some weight but is in good health and is enjoying being home.

Erik added: "We want to say a massive thank you to the tonnes of volunteers, including strangers, friends and people associated with groups like South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty who distributed stacks of leaflets for us.

"It really did keep us going."

A spokesman for Animal Search UK added: "I was delighted to hear that Taco has been located. All of the family's hard work paid off and they can relax and enjoy Christmas as a complete family once again."