Shaken residents admitted to feeling unsafe in their own community after some children witnessed a young man being stabbed to death yards from school.

A frank discussion was held at Stewart Fleming Primary on Friday (December 7) where parents spoke about the murder which rocked Anerley.

Ayodeji Habeeb Azeez, 22, was killed on Samos Road in broad daylight on November 4 after being attacked by a gang.

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Police, MP Ellie Reeves and Councillor Ian Dunn gathered at the school to hear concerns.

Head teacher Louise Knox told News Shopper people feel "very isolated" and spoke of a "heightened anxiety".

She said: "Some children actually witnessed this murder and we have offered them counselling. It is a horrific thing to have seen.

"It has definitely had an impact on our children. We invited police in to talk to them. Kids are worrying whether they can go home from school on their own.

"Children asked police how do they know those responsible will not come back and do it to them.

"Everyone was visibly shaken. Most of our staff live nearby and there was a different mood that week."

She added that police helped put young minds at rest, however the area was left shook again last Sunday (December 2) when an assault happened on the same road as the murder.

"It doesn’t help," the school head said. "Just when people start to feel safe again this comes up. That is when I thought we really need to do something."

The police officers present said the recent assault on Samos Road was not related to the murder, where two people have been charged.

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One resident told the room how she moved to the area recently and was shocked at the levels of crime.

She explained: "I don’t feel reassured apart from residents who say it is a lovely area. But we all feel scared.

"I remember that day and I walked out with my three-year-old to see police chasing someone down the road."

Residents also asked police for support regarding ongoing anti-social behaviour on Felmingham Road.

One mum said she no longer feels safe walking in nearby Betts Park, the scene of Michael Jonas’ murder last year.

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Others were in agreement about the perilous park and MP for Lewisham West and Penge, Ellie Reeves, urged them to start a petition calling for CCTV.

The MP told News Shopper: "This murder was devastating. It is important for the community to show strength and to show we are united in the face of this terrible tragedy.

"This is a fantastic area and I have lived here pretty much all of my life. I am incredibly proud of it. We can’t be defeated by events like this."

Children at Stewart Fleming Primary School planted bulbs in the playground to help the community grow.


This came one day after the school, which has an Outstanding Ofsted rating, offered a free Christmas meal and Santa Grotto for disadvantaged parents.

The school is planning to continue strengthening community ties and to offer a space where key players can work together.