A burglar who stole three cars from homes in Dartford and Bexley has been sentenced to four years in prison.

Jordan Holt, 20, was arrested after he attempted to run away from a stolen vehicle he was travelling in, which had been followed by an unmarked police car back in October.

Holt, of Forge Lane in Gillingham, admitted three counts of burglary and was sentenced at Woolwich Crown Court on Tuesday, December 4.

The court heard that at around 8.50pm on October 26, officers in an unmarked patrol car became suspicious of a Ford Focus the young offender was travelling in after it was seen in Park Road, Dartford.

The vehicle, which was suspected to have been stolen, was followed until it came to a stop in Elm Road, where Holt was arrested.

A search of the vehicle uncovered burner phones and a drawstring bag containing cannabis.

Holt was arrested on suspicion of supplying cannabis and was soon identified as being an outstanding offender for three burglaries committed across Dartford and Bexley over the previous month.

Each burglary took place overnight and resulted in a car being stolen.

These took place in Heathclose Road, Dartford on September 23; Torbrook Close, Bexley on September 21; and Denton Road, Bexley, overnight between October 20 and 21.

Officers checked messages on a phone seized from the car, which was confirmed as belonging to Holt.

The phone contained multiple messages and photographs alluding to the supply of cannabis and Holt admitted an additional count being concerned in the supply of cannabis.

Analysis of the phone’s records also confirmed it was close to the scene of each burglary when the offences were being committed.

The vehicle he was travelling in was also identified as the one from the burglary in Torbrook Close.

A second man, Charlie Bevan, 19, was also arrested as result of the vehicle stop.

Bevan, of no fixed address, was also charged with being concerned in the supply of cannabis and admitted the offence.

He was sentenced to nine months imprisonment at the same court hearing.

Detective Constable Rebecca Veares, the investigating officer for this case, said: "Holt targeted his victims overnight, searching their homes and stealing their property while they slept.

"The offences were incredibly invasive and have caused a huge amount of distress to the victims as well as a considerable financial loss.

"In addition to this, he has chosen to make money by supplying cannabis. The evidence against him was overwhelming and he had no choice but to plead guilty and it is pleasing that we have managed to secure justice for the victims so soon after his arrest."