More than 16,000 fire doors in Lewisham Council-run homes have been identified as needing work or replacing, including 9,004 ‘Grenfell’ doors.

Since the 2017 tragedy, 7,184 doors have been identified as needing work, according to a freedom of information request – 1,923 of which did not meet current building regulation standards.

A further 9,004 fire doors provided by company Manse Masterdor do not meet the 30-minute fire-resistant standard they were marketed as providing.

This is the same company whose doors were used in Grenfell Tower, where 72 people died when the building was consumed by flames on June 14 last year.

Since May, 57 of the faulty 'Grenfell' fire doors have been replaced – although a Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government letter asserts the risk to public safety is low.

As well as the 57 replacement fire doors, 1,887 “actions” to improve fire safety doors have been completed.

“In May 2018 Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government informed the London Borough of Lewisham that composite flat entrance doors supplied by Manse Masterdor do not consistently meet the 30-minute fire-resistant standard that they were marketed as providing,” according to the FOI.

“The MHCLG letter stated that, while the risk to public safety remains low, the owners of buildings affected by this issue need to consider how quickly

these doors should be replaced.

“We have 9,004 dwellings that have a fire-resisting front entrance door supplied by Manse Masterdor or a composite door supplied by another manufacturer that used similar base components.

“We have commenced the replacement of those doors and to date 57 new doors have been fitted at Hatfield Close and Gerrard House.”

There are also 1,923 homes that are fitted with front entrance doors that pre-date current building regulations standards, which will be replaced “over time” according to the FOI.

A further 3,372 “actions” have been identified but are not yet due, and two actions are overdue.

The testing of fire doors was carried out as part of an ongoing investigation into what caused the fire at the west London block.

No one has been arrested for offences relating to the fire itself.