Two men were reportedly assaulted at a Shooters Hill pub.

Police were called to the Hungry Horse (Fox Under the Hill) pub on November 30 at 9.30pm to reports of a fight.

A witness told News Shopper: "It began around 8.30pm between two larger groups of young men which spilled out into the road, they all run off before police arrived."

It is alleged there was another confrontation later on, during which one man was reportedly attacked and left unconscious on the ground.

The witness went on: "There was a lot of shouting and trying to attack another man but staff were getting in between them. They managed to force the thugs out, unfortunately they ran around to the other entrance. The guy went to check on his friend who was still out cold. The thugs approached from behind and smashed him over the head with a crutch (one of the thugs was on crutches)."

He said: "I must say the staff were brilliant but should not have had to put themselves in harm's way. I really hope those guys are ok. When police arrived 20 minutes later the guy hit with the crutch was still unconscious on the floor."

Officers attended and it was reported seven men had been involved in a fight, however the suspects had all left by the time the police arrived.

Police said that no arrests were made.

Greene King has been contacted for comment.