Rapper Professor Green visited the Lewisham Foodbank as new figures show 98.7 per cent of Brits underestimate the level of poverty and hunger present in this country.

The Lip Sync Battle UK presenter was filmed as he volunteered at the centre, meeting with volunteers and those in need of its services, in order to raise awareness of this nationwide problem.

This comes as the UK foodbank network The Trussell Trust released new research which shows that just over one per cent of Brits know that approximately 1,322,952 three-day food parcels were handed out by foodbanks last year. This was more than 26 times the estimation of of what 24.9 per cent of people believed.

Research also shows 64.7 per cent of Brits don't fully understand the services that foodbanks provide.

Speaking about his experience helping out at the foodbank, Professor Green, aka Stephen Manderson, said: "It was heartbreaking to speak to some of the people who have had to turn to foodbanks for emergency support.

"For so many people in the UK, it only takes one bit of bad luck – an unexpected expense, a health issue or a delay in their benefits payment to bring everything tumbling down."

He went on to acknowledge the misconceptions around foodbanks and encourage others to lend a hand where possible.

"I would seriously urge people to learn more about how they can make a difference in their local community. No one should have to rely on these types of services, regardless of their circumstances," he said.


Recently, this newspaper reported that Lewisham foodbanks handed out 3,375 three-day emergency food parcels to those hungry between April and September of this year. Nearly 12,00 of these were given to children.

Director of fundraising at The Trussell Trust, Samantha Lane has said that foodbank use is expected to rise over the Christmas period.

This is backed by data released by the charity which showed that the foodbank network handed out 159,388 food parcels throughout December 2017. 65,622 of these went to children.

Samantha said: "For many people in the UK, Christmas is a time of joy. But sadly, we are consistently seeing a spike in demand in foodbanks across the UK at Christmas and this year is set to be no exception.

"Ultimately, no one should need to use a foodbank, but at this time of year foodbanks are working extra hard to provide regular essentials and small extras that offer hope at a time when people need it most."