One hundred early years students from North Kent College showed their support for underprivileged children in the county by donating gifts to the Heart Giving Tree at Bluewater.

The students were taken to the shopping centre as part of their course, to initially look at the facilities for children and families, such as changing and feeding areas, but the tutors decided to also use it as an opportunity for them to give something to those who may be less fortunate this year.

They were given the task of picking a star off the tree, either as individuals or as a small group, before hunting for the perfect item to hand over.

All of the gifts were paid for out of their own individual money, and students spent time choosing each present to put into Santa’s sack.

June Simpson, early years lecturer, who helped organise the day, said “Our students have been involved in charity events for several years, and this year we discussed ways we could help disadvantaged children in the community.

"The students have been excellent and gave a great deal of their time and money to this project.

"The tutors are very proud of the way they have participated in this and would like to thank them for being positive and caring role models within college.”

Sent in by Sarah West