Living in such a multi-cultural society it can be difficult to know how much we should be sharing with our children.

Religious education is a controversial subject matter seeing as there are so many - are we meant to just teach one or all faiths?

We asked our Shopper readers on Facebook whether it's time to take religious education off the school curriculum and this is what they said.

Amelia Smirnoff Smewing said: “Swap it for first aid and life lessons - how to get a job, mortgage, taxes, cooking, preparation for adulthood.”

Helen Neary said: “I am Roman Catholic. At one time I went to a non-denominational school. That taught all about different religions. It was an eye-opener. It allowed me to understand other people's religious beliefs. Which make one more tolerant towards of others' beliefs even if they do no accept them themselves.”

Carina Millis said: “It’s pointless for people who do not believe in god, I also think Spanish and French lessons are pointless and should be replaced with sign language lessons, because not everyone is going to go to Spain but everyone will bump into someone who is deaf at some point.”

Jordan Russon said: “Teaching kids about all religions is a good idea, they enjoy it and it shows them what religion is supposed to be, not the conflict we have instead. I'm not religious and was pulled out of RE in secondary school by my parents.”

Anthony Hua said: “Religion has been a major area of political conflict in the past, present and probably future. So yes, it should be taught.”

Mark Hodges said: “There are a lot of subjects at school that should be replaced with life skills. Why not teach kids how to save money, put up shelves and pictures around the house, the importance of getting a job and earning a living, how to live on your own and survive, how to keep fit effectively etc. It would make children turn in to young adults much more effectively."

Katrina Lyon said: “If you remove the education surrounding an issue, you remove the acceptance of it. Children with no religious education will ultimately become ignorant to religions they don’t know anything about. It’s the same with any topic, if you don’t know anything about it, then you’re ignorant to it.”

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