Police in Bellingham have assured residents that officers have been "working tirelessly" since a teenager was stabbed to death.

Jay Hughes, 15, was murdered outside Morley's chicken shop in Randlesdown Road on the evening of November 1.

A 21-year-old woman was arrested three weeks after Jay was stabbed in the heart.

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In Bellingham police’s monthly update, they wrote: "We have been working tirelessly since the tragic event outside Morley’s chicken shop.

"We have been stepping up our patrols at this location, as well as providing visible reassurances to local schools, both primary and secondary.

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"This has had a positive impact on pupils and staff alike. We have also met with church leaders, councillors and headteachers to try to ensure that the likelihood of such an awful thing happening again is minimised.

"We are keen to launch a Business Watch or similar for the local shops."

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The police report continued that the family held a vigil at St Dunstan’s Church earlier this month, and officers were outside the church throughout so mourners could feel safe.

It added how Morley’s had donated a "substantial amount of chicken" after the murder to help "ease some tension felt locally towards them."