The naughty elves are back at Poundland as the company takes a typically budget - but eyebrow-raising - approach to its Christmas advertising.

Poundland has revealed that due to popular demand the elves will return, and it is bringing its new campaign forward.

This year the campaign comes with added spice because not only is Elf returning, he’s now got a little lady friend, Elvie, to create double the trouble.

Last year Poundland received hundreds of complaints over the sordid goings-ons of the elves, however that isn't going to stop it this year.

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Despite tripling its 2018 elf marketing budget to £76.59, Poundland’s Christmas spend is a tiny fraction of the estimated £6.5bn being spent on seasonal advertising.


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Poundland estimates retail festive advertising would be enough to create 43,000 secondary school places, fund the Crossrail overspend 10 times over, provide annual local authority elderly residential care for almost 150,000 senior citizens or provide 44,500 NHS hospital beds at £400 per day.

Barry Williams, Poundland’s MD, said: “We’re spreading festive cheer without breaking the bank or spending obscene amounts of cash on advertising.

"And while we fully intend to raise eyebrows as well as a smile, we know our customers will appreciate our refusal to waste their money on expensive Christmas ads.”

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