The ninth annual London Pantomime Horse Race is coming back to Greenwich this Christmas. 
The race has been dubbed on of the wackiest annual events and this year has some surprises up it's sleeve. 
Featuring over 30 costumed nags, dressed in the style of iconic Film & TV characters, Panto-Horse teams must navigate various pit-stops and unexpected obstacles during the quarter mile street race.
This years race will be raising money for YouCan, which is a charity that supports young people affected by cancer. 
Taking place on December 16, the day will be packed with everything from a 'Pre-race ceremony, to a live music from X-Factor star, Honey G. 
Renowned dance troupe performers, from the ‘Anna Fiorentini Theatre & Film School, will open the show with a dance performance. 
The race will start at 1pm and the five best performing horse teams will them be chosen to race to the finish line, via space hoppers. 
The team first past the winning line will be greeted by Honey and will be crowned the 2018 London Pantomime Horse Race Champion. 
The fun doesn't stop there, with comedy acts and more live music, it is definitely worth popping down to. 
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