A proposed cut to library staff has been put on hold while Lewisham Council again looks into rebuilding Lewisham Library - but campaigners are calling for more information.

Speaking on behalf of the Save Lewisham Libraries campaign at a mayor and cabinet meeting, Caroline Jupp said the group welcomed the suspension of £450k staff cuts.

But there were many "outstanding concerns" with the announcement.

"We ask why has this option been re-opened as the council’s preferred option after it had already been dismissed as a feasible option in the council’s consultation document published less than a week ago," she said.

She also called for more information about the feasibility study including how long the study would take, and shared concerns front-line staff could see a reduction in hours during a re-build.

Fellow campaigner Alice Corble said the renewed option to build council-owned housing at the library site with the library housed in the development "threw up many questions," she said.

"Will the base-land itself be sold freehold to a private developer? If not how does the council propose to fund this development? If yes does this mean that the new library floorspace will be leasehold only?" she asked.

She said the group were also concerned about the storage and preservation of Lewisham's archives and history collections if there was a relocation.

Lewisham Council initially proposed £450,000 of cuts through a "staff reorganisation" at the borough's council-run libraries, as part of proposals to cut £20.8m from its budget following cuts in government funding.

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This would have seen all staff cut from Downham and Deptford libraries, making the libraries self-service, or a reduction in staffed hours across Downham, Deptford and Lewisham libraries.

But the council recently announced it was also looking into whether rebuilding the library along with council homes could fund the shortfall.

This comes after the council "dismissed" rebuilding Lewisham Library as it would "require the relocation of the archives, locals history service and reference library," according to the council's consultation document.

The library in Lewisham High Street was converted from a telephone exchange in the 1990s and needs "significant investment," according to a council release.