Commuting can be a nightmare for all sorts of reasons, delays, cost, but what do you do when all your fellow commuters are coughing all over you?

People can be quite grim, they sneeze and rub their hands everywhere when on public transport without taking others into account, so here are some horrible facts for you.

If someone coughs or sneezes close to you, try not to breath in for a few seconds. Research has found that one sneeze could infect up to 150 commuters within five minutes.

The Northern and Central Line have been found to be the dirtiest - by quite a considerable amount.

The Northern Line is also meant to be the naughtiest line at night as well, so take from this what you will.

There are rumours that some tube seats have bed bugs.

So basically...try not to touch ANYTHING on the tube.

Handles, buttons and handrails are key places for cold viruses and depending how long the virus has been on the surface depends how it will affect the person who catches it. Touching your eyes or nose are the fastest way to catch a virus.

If you see someone unwell and touching a surface, don’t touch it.

Be aware of escalator handrails, ticket machines, maps, etc too, not just the handrails on the bus or Tube.

London Underground takes around 1.37 BILLION passengers a year... do you know where they have all been?

Researchers have also shown that face masks are not effective on public transport.

Carry antiseptic wipes with you and wash your hands if you feel you have been in a place that is particularly unhygienic.

If you are prone to catching viruses then you could consider getting a flu-jab to prevent infecting others.

Happy commuting.