A bus depot in Green Street Green went up in flames early this morning.

A total of 60 firefighters were called just after 3.30am to the area in Farnborough Hill where at the height of the blaze, 11 buses were alight.

Crews worked for hours in an effort to stop the fire from spreading to more buses and about 30 vehicles were moved to safety.

Seven buses were completely destroyed by the fire and a further four are badly damaged.

Kayleigh Kirk, 30, who lives at a block of flats next door, described being woken up by explosions. 

She told News Shopper: "My mum and I woke up to about eight explosions. 

"It is hard to describe but we felt it and the windows were vibrating. 

"It was quite scary. We could see two buses on fire and one was completely gutted. It quickly caught on to other buses. 

"It was literally next door."

Kayleigh added that the fire was now under control and the smoke was cleared.  

While the fire was under control just after 6.30am, crews will remain in the area for some time damping down the effected vehicles.

Tim Webb, who runs his own air quality website, said pollution rates are hazardous. 

News Shopper:

He told News Shopper: "I live a mile and a half away and the levels are very unhealthy. 

"I would advise people, if they can, to not indulge in outdoor excercise like jogging or cycling. If possible stay indoors, especially if you have underlying respiratory issues."

The retired BT manager said he expects pollution levels to remain dangerous for the next few hours. 

He added: "It is extremely bad by me and I live in Orpington town centre. I can only imagine how bad it is near the fire. 

"This is the worse I have seen it since I started recording the data 18 months ago."

Photo - Press Association 

News Shopper:

The cause of the fire is not known at this stage.

Transport for London has said all bus services are now running as normal following the fire earlier.