A former homeless man from Lee is being recognised for his work in helping to create a society where differences are celebrated.

Mfa Zaman, 30, has been nominated for The London Faith & Belief Award with the winners announced at The Royal Society of Medicine on November 17.

After being homeless, Zaman, who was a London Ambassador at the 2012 Olympics, started his own charity called ‘Safe & Save’ before setting up his ‘I Am With You’ project to help feed London’s homeless.

He is also co-founder of Community of Jews and Muslims, an inter-faith group creating bonds between different community groups.

As such, he has now been nominated for the national award.

He said: "As a volunteer I am trying to give the best service to this society. At the same time I help those who want to make a positive change in their life.

"Volunteer work creates a positive vibe, which helps me to motivate myself. And this motivation is helping the British society. We could not compare our life with money, house and social status."

UPDATE - Mfa went on to win the award News Shopper: