An application to demolish a Forest Hill pub in order to build a hotel has been met with fury.

All Inn One, on 53 Perry Vale, described as "one of the jewels in Forest Hill’s Crown", would be replaced with a 65-roomed hotel if plans are accepted.

Councillor Liam Curran told News Shopper the proposal was "mad" and he was "utterly upset" by it.

He added: "I have been going there since I was a teenager. It has been a permanent feature of my life. It’s such a great pub and it would be a terrible loss.

"To lose a busy and successful pub would be unthinkable. If this pub goes then no pub is safe.

"Julia and her husband Richard have done a brilliant job, they serve good food and beer."

Vanquish Iconic Developments has submitted the proposals to Lewisham Council who will now decide whether to grant the application.

A public house and a restaurant are included in the plans to construct the new six-storey hotel.

Cllr Curran said he is not against a hotel in Forest Hill but stressed that demolishing a pub was not the answer.

He said: "You can’t create something nice by smashing up something nice that is already functioning.

"Let’s hope there is a hotel here one day, but don’t knock down a very good pub."

In a passionate tweet, Cllr Curran described the proposal as cultural and social vandalism.

He said it was one of the biggest responses he has had to a tweet, which he believes highlights the popularity of the pub once known as the Forresters Arms.