Three councillors who are used to feeling the heat in chamber meetings have endured hot temperatures in a more literal sense.

The Labour Councillors, Kevin Brooks, Simon Jeal and Josh King, decided to walk on fire for a palliative care hospice.

The trio have so far raised £228 of their targeted £400 for St Christopher’s Hospice in Sydenham after the daring walk on November 9.

"I’m pretty risk averse so it’s not my sort of thing at all," Cllr Jeal said.

"But the team at St Christopher’s do amazing work for local residents and their families, so walking across fire was the least I could do to support them."

Cllr Brooks added: "Being the second time I have done a firewalk I was much less nervous. A massive thanks must go to all our sponsors who raised money for St Christopher’s, a truly local community charity."

Cllr King was also more than happy to take part having had first had experience with the hospice.

He said: "When I was asked if I wanted to do a firewalk for St. Christopher’s the answer was a quick yes as members of my family have benefited from the hospice’s excellent care.

"The thought of walking on hot coals was pretty scary but in the event it was really easy and painless. I’d do it again for a good cause."

The three councillors also accepted the challenge in memory of their good friend Steve' Papasmurf 'Murphy - who died in his sleep at St Christopher's in October 2017.