The brother of Boris Johnson has resigned as Transport Minister because he cannot support the proposed Brexit deal.

Orpington MP, Jo Johnson, announced the shock exit this afternoon.

The former minister, who voted remain, said the people he represents in Orpington deserve better.

He wrote: "My constituents in Orpington deserve better than this from their Government.

"A majority of Orpington voters chose to leave the EU in 2016 and many of the close friends I have there, among them hard-working local Conservative Party members, are passionately pro-Brexit.

"I respect their position. But I know from meetings I have had with local members that many are as dismayed as me by the course of negotiations and about the actual choice now on offer.

"Two and a half years on, the practical Brexit options are now clear and the public should be asked to choose between the different paths facing our country: we will all have different positions on that choice, but I think many in my local party, in the Orpington constituency and around the country would welcome having the last word on the Government’s Brexit proposals."