A man with no formal photography training has captured some stunning photos of toy solders at war memorials in London.

Beowulf Mayfield, 54, who lives in Forest Hill, took the photos to honour the end of the First World War.

The images show toy soldiers at Lewisham War Memorial, the Cenotaph, the Guards Memorial in St James's Park and the Artillery Memorial at Hyde Park Corner.

Mr Mayfield told News Shopper: "I’m not aware that any of my ancestors were killed in the First World War but one of my great-grandfathers, a Navy engineer, was in action at the Battle of Jutland.

"My grandmother, who was six when the war began, told me that she and her young friends spent the war years stalking nuns in the hope of catching an enemy spy."

Beowulf, who also goes by Wulfie, calls his toy images "photo cartoons" because they make people smile.

He has been using toys in his photography for nine years.

Speaking about his latest project, he said: "I went on a hunt for toy soldiers either saluting or playing a bugle and found three on antique stalls at Spitalfields Market.

"I also bought one at the Toy Soldier Centre at the Guards Museum in Birdcage Walk, near Buckingham Palace - the staff there were very enthusiastic when I showed them some examples of what I was doing.

"I’m hoping to find some more figures, in particular a suitable Commonwealth soldier that doesn’t look like a caricature and a female figure other than a nurse."