19 households in the borough of Bromley are still watching TV on black and white sets, according to new figures released today by TV Licensing.

After more than half a century of colour transmissions in the UK, 19 black and white TV licenses are still in force in Bromley.

Nationally, 7,161 households are still watching television via black and white TV sets, rather than in full colour.

Londoners remain the most enthusiastic vintage viewers, with 1768 black and white licenses issued in the capital. As many as 355 of which, in fact, were in SE postcodes.

Of course the number of black and white licences issued each year has been rapidly declining, with 212,000 licenses in 2000, compared with 7,161 in 2018.

Jeffrey Borinsky, TV and radio technology historian, said: “There are hundreds of collectors like myself who have many black and white TVs.

“Who wants all this new-fangled 4K Ultra HD, satellite dishes or a screen that's bigger than your room when you can have glorious black and white TV?

“30 years ago you could still buy black and white TVs, mainly small portables, for as little as £50 and it’s interesting to know that some of people still have them”.