An upset mum says she will never take her two boys back to a nursery in St Paul's Cray after claiming one of them was left "unconscious" following an accident.

Laura Wilson, 22, said Marvel Day Nursery phoned to say her two-year-old son Jack had suffered "an accident on his eye".

The Orpington mum, who presumed it was nothing too serious, arrived at the nursery in Cotmandene Crescent on Tuesday (November 6) to find a woman holding an ice pack to Jack’s eye.

"He was really pale," Laura told News Shopper. "I picked him up from the woman and he didn’t respond. He was floppy like a doll.

"I was tapping his face and saying ‘Jack’ but he wasn’t saying anything. I was in tears. It’s the most scary feeling in the world when your pale son is not moving."

It is believed Jack either fell from a chair or ran into a table.

Laura said she left the nursery before phoning for an ambulance, which arrived to take Jack to the Princess Royal University Hospital.

The little boy is now recovering and has a "purple and swollen eye".

Laura, who claims Jack was "out cold" for up to 30 minutes, questioned why a little boy was allegedly allowed to fall asleep or was left unconscious after a nasty knock to the head.

She said: "I have reported this to Ofsted. I don’t want that to happen to any other kids."

The mum's other boy, Charlie, three, was also at the nursery when the incident happened.

A spokeswoman for the nursery told News Shopper: "We are not going to make a statement. This is currently being investigated."

News Shopper has also approached Ofsted for comment.