Nearly three quarters of parents in the UK would support a government ban on mobile phones and smart devices in schools, figures show.

The figures come after the French government announced a ban last month on smartphones and other smart devices in schools until the age of 15.

A poll conducted by insurance2Go revealed 74 percent of respondents would favour of a similar ban to be brought in at schools in the UK, despite 40 percent saying their child takes a mobile phone or smart device to school every single day.

Over a third (36 percent) agreed that “mobile phones and smart devices are distracting for children whilst they are at school”.

Parents also cited bullying (8 percent) and a lack of social skills (5 percent) as other reasons for supporting such a ban.

However, over a quarter (26 percent) of parents said they do not agree with placing a ban on smartphones in schools across the UK due to the safety benefits they bring.

In fact, 13 percent of parents said they believe that ‘children should always have their mobile or smart device on them so they are contactable’.

Although the majority of parents of all ages are in support of the ban, 36 percent parents of those currently attending high school disagree with a ban.