There is "no indication" that the police officer who fatally shot Khalid Masood during the Westminster terror attack last year committed a criminal offence, according to a watchdog's report.

The Independent Office for Police Conduct launched an investigation after Masood was shot dead having mowed a car into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, killing four and seriously injuring 29, before storming gates near the Houses of Parliament and murdering unarmed PC Keith Palmer on March 22, 2017.

It was reported that Masood, originally from Erith, entered the grounds of Westminster armed with two knives before attacking PC Palmer who was on duty at the gates, inflicting fatal injuries.

The report found the police officer in question, identified in the report as SA74, put himself between Masood and other officers on the scene before firing three times. The report also said that evidence from the CCTV and witness statements supports that SA74 stopped shooting once Masood "fell to the ground".

The officer stated that when he faced Masood he believed the terrorist was going to kill him and "immediately feared for my own safety and life."

The investigation was completed last July, however the final report which aimed to investigate the use of lethal force of the officer who fatally shot Masood was only released today by IPOC.

The report notes that at a meeting in June last year, a member of Masood's family asked whether officers could have used non-lethal force to stop him.

The IPOC report states officer SA74 was also carrying a baton and CS spray but did not use these as they were "not suitable responses to the level of threat posed by Mr Masood."

Speaking on the officer's actions, IOPC regional director Sarah Green said: "It is clear he had no reasonable option but to shoot Mr Masood, and it is also clear he acted swiftly and professionally to protect the public and fellow officers."

She also commended the officer and his colleagues as they "acted with immense personal bravery" and that expressed her "deep sorrow" for the loss of PC Palmer and the other victims of Masood's attack.