A PERSISTENT vandal has been slapped with an Asbo banning him from the top deck of public transport buses.

The order, made by Greenwich magistrates on 17-year-old Billy Murrell, is the first one by Transport for London (TfL) for graffiti.

Murrell, from Plumstead, has a history of convictions for criminal damage on public transport.

These include damaging buses and other public property using marker pens and vandalising a Tube carriage.

Jeroen Weimar, who heads TfL's transport policing and enforcement directive, said: "Murrell's vandalism has affected many other bus and train users.

"This Asbo demonstrates the role that TfL can play in resolving crime and disorder problems in our community.

"TfL will only use its powers in relation to Asbos when it is necessary to do so, but this shows that we are prepared to take action to protect public transport for our passengers."

The Asbo is valid for three years.


The Asbo bars him from:

  • Entering any depot, siding or other part of London Underground property or railway property or any other transport company's property which is not open to the public throughout England and Wales.
  • Carrying unset paint in any form of container, permanent marker pens, shoe dye or permanent ink, paint stripper, a grinding stone, glass cutting equipment or glass etching solution or paste anywhere mentioned above and any public place in England and Wales.
  • Aiding, abetting, counselling or encouraging anyone who was attempting or committing any form of unlawful damage towards any property not belonging to or being under the direct authorised control of the defendant throughout England and Wales.
  • Travelling on the top deck of any public transport bus within England and Wales.

If he breaches the order he could be sentenced to a two-year detention and training order, with 12 months to be served in custody and 12 months to be served in the community.

When he turns 18 any breach could carry a five-year jail sentence.