A nursery in Crayford has been slammed in a damning report claiming children’s safety is compromised.

Standards have tumbled since Gaggle Nursery and Preschool was rated "good" in January 2017 before its "inadequate" inspection on September 24 last month.

The critical Ofsted report said: “Staff do not have a suitable understanding of their responsibilities in regards to safeguarding children.

“They have a minimal knowledge of current safeguarding guidance. This has a significant impact on children's safety and well-being.”

Inspectors also said staff did not support children in learning what is acceptable, which led to kids misbehaving.

Concerns over individual child care were also raised and the report said the “quality of teaching differs greatly between staff”.

The ominous assessment also said staff interactions with children were “weak” and opportunities to extend learning were missed.

A line in the report read: “They have a poor knowledge of the signs that may cause concern and the procedures and processes to follow to record and report any concerns. This puts children's welfare at risk.”

A spokeswoman for the nursery said it was a “surprise inspection” and improvements were now being made.

She said: "We have not had any safeguarding incident or accident at the nursery.

“100 per cent of our staff are paediatric first aid trained and we run an exceptionally good and Only Early Years Accredited Recognised Forest School in Kent.

“We have struggled to recruit skilled qualified staff and have had to let go of staff not aligned to our focus on quality.

“As a result we are down on the number of qualified people we have at our Crayford nursery. We had a surprise inspection and the unfortunate outcome that Ofsted has awarded the nursery.

“We are working through the action plan that they have requested us to improve on. We are thankful to the kind support of our parents who are standing by us through this and believe in us being able to turn this around. We hope to turn around the outcome in 6 months timeline when Ofsted will come to re-inspect the provision.”